Current teaching duties

  • This winter 2023 I am teaching MAT 17A (Calculus for Biology) and MAT 135A (Introduction to Probability). For probability I am using Janko Gravner's notes, "A first course in probability", by Sheldon Ross, and "The Taming of Chance", by Ian Hacking. I am also co-organizing, with James Hughes, a reading group on non-European mathematics. This is a continuation of our seminar on Equity in Mathematics from Fall 2022.

Past teaching duties

University of California, Davis

In Fall 2022, I co-organized (with James Hughes) a seminar on Equity in Math, MAT 298.

In Spring 2022, I taught a reading course on curve counting on surfaces. We focused on the case of the once-punctured torus.

In Winter 2022 I taught MAT 21A.

In Fall 2021 I taught in-person two sections of MAT 21-A, and one section of MAT 147, introduction to topology. For topology we followed the first part of Munkres second edition, and students gave final presentations outside of the scope of the course.

In Spring and Winter 2021 I taught online, due to the coronavirus pandemic. My lectures were split into a 30 minute pre-recorded asynchronous lecture, and a 30 minute synchronous discussion based on a class poll due before the session. The goal was to give additional flexibility to students (due to different time zones, access to resources, available schedules, etc.), but at the same time give them the opportunity to interact and be engaged with their peers and instructor.

Spring quarter 2021

I taught one section of MAT 17A (Calculus for Biology and Medicine) and one section of MAT 141 (Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry).

Winter quarter 2021

I taught two sections of MAT 17A (Calculus for Biology and Medicine).

Indiana University, Bloomington

At Indiana University I was instructor of record for six courses, from pre-calculus to introduction to finite math. Additionally, I have assisted and graded for one course and conducted recitations for another. I was awarded the David A. Rothrock Teaching Award (2019), a fellowship which promotes excellence of teaching in mathematics. I also have mentoring experience.

Click on each course for further details:

T-101, Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I, two sections (IUB), Fall 2018

M106, The Mathematics of Decision and Beauty, co-taught, one section (IUB), Summer 2017

T101, Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I, one section (IUB), Spring 2017

M321, Intuitive Topology, one section, assisting and grading (IUB), Fall 2016

M118, Finite Mathematics, one section (IUB), Summer 2016

D117, Introduction to Finite Mathematics I, one section (IUB), Spring 2016

M025, Precalculus Mathematics, two sections (IUB), Fall 2015

M211, Calculus I, recitations, two sections (IUB), Spring 2015